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Our Founder

A powerful advocate for children, Inez Bloomingdale is a person who has always given and demanded the best for the children under her care. For over six decades she has been dedicated to the educational needs of young children. Her teaching and administrative experience includes preschool, as well as public and private kindergarten. Miss Bloomingdale is the current Owner and Executive Director of Miss Bloomingdale's Academy in the Las Colinas area of Irving, TX. She has worked with children ranging in age from six weeks old through fourth grade. Miss Bloomingdale believes a child's self- image is the most important factor in the learning process. to quote her, "A child must perceive that he is an individual whose thoughts and emotions are significant and worthwhile". In addition, she believes every child should have a childcare situation that is highly developmental of their mental, social, emotional, and physical self.

Miss Bloomingdale received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of North Texas, graduating with Honors and a strong background in methods in Early Childhood Education. Her academic background also includes graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin, San Jose State University, and California State College in Hayward, California. She has been issued teaching credentials in Texas, New Mexico, and California. She is certified as a Lifetime Master Teacher in the State of Texas.

Miss Bloomingdale has been active in the life of the communities where she has lived. She has been issued several awards including The Paul Harris Award, which is given to recognize a lifetime commitment to education, from the Dallas Rotary Club. She has served as an elected official on the Board of Education and as Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Fremont, California. Miss Bloomingdale was appointed to the Association of Bay Area Government. She has served on the Ohlone College Bond Committee, Fremont Human Relations Committee, Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Committee, City of Fremont Open Space Committee, Ohlone College Preschool Advisory Committee, Junior High Principal's Advisory Group,  and the Alameda County Revenue Sharing Proposal Review Board. She has also been appointed to public commissions responsible for public relations, press conferences, and media interviews. She has been involved in business conventions throughout the United States. She is currently a member of the Irving Chamber of Commerce.

Please click here to read what Zig Ziglar wrote about an article he read in The Dallas Morning News about Miss Bloomingdale:

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