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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to be educators, not just caretakers, of infants, preschool and kindergarten age children. We differentiate our school to be more than child care or day care. Our goal is academic readiness and development of the whole child in a warm and nurturing environment. Our teachers are engaged and teaching at every teachable moment at every age. Each day at Miss Bloomingdale’s Academy is spent meeting each child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is rooted in the body of knowledge accumulated over the years in the field of Child Development and Early Childhood Education. We use top-rated methodologies according to independent research such as The John Hopkins Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education"s Effective Early Childhood Education Programs: A Systematic Review.  "This report systematically reviews research on the outcomes of programs that teach young children in a group setting before they begin Kindergarten."  We differentiate ourselves from Montessori by encouraging creativity and imagination.

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Our Staff

Miss Bloomingdale believes that quality early childhood education demands warm, loving teachers who create an atmosphere of joy and spontaneity.  All of our teachers are trained by, and must meet the standards of Miss Bloomingdale, as well as state requirements. An emphasis is put on educating each child within an abundance of warm and nurturing individual care and attention.

Day care

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