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A Day in the Life of Our Daycare: Fun and Learning Await!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Trusted Preschool Private School in Irving

Welcome to a day filled with joy, learning, and growth here at Miss Bloomingdale's Academy. As your trusted childcare provider in Irving, we combine fun and learning to create a truly enriching experience for your little ones.

Our mission is to provide them with our high-quality education in a very nurturing environment–a place where they can learn, play, rest, and grow–all under one roof.

A Peek into Our Full Day Program

Preschool Educational Excellence in Irving

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to cater to the diverse needs of your preschoolers, pre-kindergartners, and kindergarten students.

We understand the challenges of juggling work and parenting. That's why our daycare center starts as early as 6:30 a.m. and lasts until 6:15 p.m., providing these flexible timings for you.

Academic Excellence

Here at Miss Bloomingdale's Academy, we believe that learning should always be a joyous process. We begin at 9:00 a.m., focusing on our core subjects to build a strong foundation. But we don't just stop there.

Miss Bloomingdale's Academy offers more than just academics. Your child will enjoy a variety of extracurriculars that are part of the curriculum or that you can select...from dance to soccer, from music to art, from free swim to swim lessons. Your child will have a fun and enriching morning at our academy.

For instance, let's say your child has a knack for music. Our enrichment classes include music introduction through Cool School with Ms. Maria, our music specialist, where they can explore rhythm and melody, and maybe even discover their lifelong passion too.

Or perhaps they are budding artists? They'll love our art classes, where they get to unleash their creativity and bring their imagination to life!

We also offer computer and Spanish classes, ensuring they get a well-rounded education.

Nourishment and Rest

We know how important these two factors are for your child's development. That's why as a preschool offering day care flexibility, we pay special attention to these aspects.

They will be provided with their morning snack of fresh cut up fruit, a hot lunch cooked in house, and an afternoon snack too. Our meals are not only delicious but also nutritious, keeping them energized throughout their day.

And when it's time for them to rest, we have our designated nap time. Imagine them returning home happy, well-fed, and having had their nap!

Engaging Afternoons

We believe that learning extends beyond textbooks, which is why our afternoons are reserved for their free-choice activities and learning centers. This also allows them to practice and hone their socialization skills.

Your child, having finished their lunch, now gets to choose what they want to do next. Maybe they decide to join their friends at our puzzle center, working together to solve their favorite complex jigsaw. This isn't just all about fun–but it also helps them develop their problem-solving as well as their teamwork skills.

They can also choose to spend their afternoon in our reading corner, engrossed in a book about dinosaurs or maybe fairy tales–improving their reading skills and also learning about the world around them.

Our dedicated childcare teachers are always present, ready to turn every moment into a teachable one. We don't just watch over your children–we engage with them, nurturing their curiosity and love for learning.

Our Half-Day Program

A Half Day of Joyful Preschool Learning at Irving

An excellent option for those who prefer a shorter day, running from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., this offers that perfect blend of learning, fun, and care that Miss Bloomingdale's Academy is renowned for.

Focused Curriculum: More Than Just Play

While it may be shorter, it isn't short on learning as it includes our preschool curriculum and enrichment classes from 9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Imagine your kids engaging in our interactive math activities, enhancing their counting skills all while having fun. Or participating in our group reading session, where they get to explore magical worlds and learn new words too!

In our enrichment classes, you could see them discovering their new favorite song or creating a colorful masterpiece.

As a big believer in good nutrition as the key to good learning, we serve our nutritious morning snacks and hot lunches even in our half-day program. After lunch, they enjoy our calming storytime–it could be a tale of adventure or a sweet story about friendship–the perfect end to their day at our child care center.

*Please note that our half-day program is designed for children aged two and above.

Summer Camp and Swimming Lessons

In addition to our regular programs, we also offer a unique Summer Camp Program for elementary-age students. We believe in continuous learning, even during vacations! While no new curriculum is introduced to the older children, we review what they learned during the year so that nothing is lost.

We are also proud to offer Red Cross Certified Swimming and Water Safety lessons for our students–a truly fun and essential skill for your child.

Nutritious Meals, Cooked In-House

We have our full commercial-quality kitchen and a certified cook who prepares our nutritious, home-cooked style meals. Two healthy snacks and a hot lunch are provided daily, with an optional breakfast available.

Contact Miss Bloomingdale's Academy Today to schedule a tour, and see firsthand how we nurture, educate, and inspire our students. It's time to invest in your child's future.

Call Us at 972-869-9145 Now!

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