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Choosing the Right Daycare: A Parent's Guide

Finding the Right Daycare Center

As your dedicated childcare provider, we at Miss Bloomingdale's Academy understand the importance of selecting a daycare center that not only caters to your child's developmental needs but also provides a nurturing and joy-filled environment.

Whether you're looking for an infant daycare or a preschool, let us help you with the knowledge and insights necessary to make an informed decision, ensuring the best child care for your little ones.

Understanding Your Child's Needs

Child's Daycare Preferences

Before choosing a daycare, it's very important to know what your kid needs.

Age-Appropriate Programs

Ensure the daycare you select aligns with their age and developmental stage.

For instance, an infant daycare focuses on fundamental milestones such as crawling, walking, and early language acquisition. While a program for preschoolers will concentrate on encouraging independence, developing their social skills, and introducing academic concepts.

Child's Temperament

Always consider where they feel comfortable and confident.

Some children are social butterflies who thrive in bustling environments filled with a lot of activities and many peer interactions. But if your child is more introverted or sensitive, they might prefer a smaller, quieter setting for them to feel safe and secure.

Special Needs

Whether your child requires additional learning support, physical therapy, or specific dietary considerations, the center should be able to accommodate these needs.

What to Look For

Qualities of Effective Daycare Educators

Qualified Staff

The most important asset.

Look for educators with the necessary training and experience, but more importantly–a passion for nurturing young minds. It's easy to see when they love what they do–their enthusiasm is very infectious, and it can make a world of difference.

Our teaching team, for instance, is filled with dedicated professionals who always cherish every moment they spend helping your little ones discover and learn!

Child-to-Staff Ratio

Smaller groups mean more personalized attention and care.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services’ minimum ratio standards for licensed child‐care centers sets the maximum number of children per caregiver according to children’s ages. Miss Bloomingdale's Academy adheres strictly to these ratios, ensuring your child feels seen, heard, and valued. Many of our classrooms are held to a standard lower than what the state allows.


Precaution is paramount in any learning setting.

Ask about their emergency procedures–are they prepared for any eventuality? How do they handle specific needs like allergies or existing medical conditions?

For us, we have comprehensive plans in place to ensure a secure, worry-free environment.


The ideal daycare center offers that balance of structured learning and free play.

Seek a curriculum that promotes cognitive, physical, and social development too. Our program, for example, is thoughtfully designed to stimulate their curiosity, foster creativity, and encourage social interaction–all while ensuring they reach all their developmental milestones. Miss Bloomindale’s uses both proprietary curriculum that has proven valuable over her 60 years in the business, as well as, curriculum proven through research to be the most effective in educating young minds.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

A clean environment isn't just pleasing to the eye, but also a MUST for your child’s health. So make sure to check the center's cleaning routines and their policies on handling sickness.

Here at our academy, we maintain rigorous hygiene standards and have clear protocols to handle any sickness, ensuring that all our staff, students, and visitors remain healthy and happy.

Questions to Ask

Questions about Daycare

What is Their Discipline Policy?

You'll also want to ensure that their methods align with your parenting style.

Do they use time-outs, redirection, or maybe natural consequences?

How do they handle conflicts between children?

These are all good questions to get a feel for their philosophy and practices.

How Do They Communicate with Parents about Progress or Any Issues?

Ask how regularly they provide updates on progress, and in what format. Through report cards, emails, or parent-teacher meetings? Also, inquire about how they would reach out if there were any issues or concerns regarding your child.

Can Parents Visit Unannounced?

If you are welcome to drop by without prior notice, it suggests that the center is confident in its day-to-day operations and has nothing to hide–a good indicator of its transparency. However, make sure to respect their routines and avoid disrupting any activities during these visits.

And remember there are no silly questions regarding the quality care and education of your child. We welcome you to visit Miss Bloomingdale's Academy and experience first-hand how we can provide them with a nurturing and enriching environment.

Please call us at 972-869-9145 to arrange a tour.

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