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Exploring the Benefits of Miss Bloomingdale's Academy's Playgrounds in a Natural Park Setting in the

Miss Bloomingdale's Educational Playgroud

In our children's early education, the importance of play cannot and should not be overstated.

That's why here at Miss Bloomingdale's Academy, we're proud to offer a unique feature that sets us apart from other schools - large, developmentally appropriate, natural playgrounds for each age group.

More than just a space for your kids to let off steam, it's a vibrant, natural environment where they can immerse themselves in imaginative play, learn about the world around them, and most importantly–develop their physical and cognitive skills.

The Beauty of Our Park-Like Preschool Playground

Beautiful Grass Playground

Unlike many schools that use artificial turf, ours is full of real grass and trees. Nestled in a lush, green park setting, our playgrounds provide ample room for your kids to run, jump, climb, and explore.

With its various play structures and activities suitable for different age groups, every child can find something to love.

The Importance of Imaginative Playground Equipment

We carefully chose all our equipment to provide a blend of fun and learning to stimulate your children's senses and curiosity.

Sensory Exploration

For example, the sensation of sand slipping through their fingers in the sandbox or the texture of wood on the tree house provides an enriching experience. As they touch and feel these, they are building neural pathways in their brains that enhance their understanding of the world around them. It's a hands-on way of piquing their natural curiosity about different surfaces and materials.

Sandbox on Playground To Enhance Skills

Physical Development

When children climb, swing, scale, and slide, they're not just having fun–they're also developing important skills like strength, coordination, and balance. They're learning to coordinate their movements, gauge distances, and even push their physical limits in a safe and controlled environment. It's fun and at the same time a natural way for them to enhance their gross motor skills.

Creative Play

Our sandboxes, mud kitchen, and imaginative play installations aren't just play equipment–they're tools for imagination too!

Your kid is playing in one of our sandboxes, creating castles and landscapes. Or imagine them in our mud kitchen, pretending to be chefs cooking up a storm. Our treehouse offers endless play with it’s indoor treehouse and trunk spaces, twister slide, rope climber and rock climbing wall.

The structures including the trains, clubhouse, and dramatic play areas allow their imaginations to be exercised at the same time as their bodies. These result in endless play with their friends. The tricycle path is a favorite that helps build muscles, balance, and biking skills.

These scenarios aren't just delightful to watch, they're evidence of their engaging in imaginative play, which is necessary for developing their creativity, their language skills, and as well as their social-emotional learning.

The Educational Value of Natural Playground Elements

Nature-based Playground

Our nature-based play encourages your children to observe, explore, and even ask questions about the world around them. Here's how it supports learning:


For instance, as autumn arrives, your kids can watch the leaves change color and fall, sparking some discussions about why these changes occur.

Also, our playground offers a hands-on way for them to explore different materials, like the graininess of sand, the wetness of water, and the hardness of pebbles, helping them understand the properties of various substances.

Or imagine your child's delight at spotting a ladybug or discovering a new type of leaf! These encounters foster their love for nature and promote this inquiry-based learning as they ask questions and seek answers too.


Who said math can only be learned in the classroom?

Through play, they can learn to engage in mathematical thinking. They can count the number of steps they take climbing up a play structure, compare different sizes and shapes of objects in the natural environment, or even practice basic addition and subtraction while playing with sand or rocks!


As children engage in their imaginative play, they are also developing their language and literacy skills. For instance, when they play 'house', they are not only role-playing but also using language to express their thoughts, negotiate roles, and weave funny yet interesting stories.

As they narrate, they're practicing their vocabulary, sentence construction, and narrative skills as well.

Our playground is more than just a play area–it's a place where your children can grow, learn, and thrive. So if you're looking for a preschool or kindergarten that prioritizes your child's holistic development, consider Miss Bloomingdale's Academy. Aside from our natural outdoor play, our dedicated teachers, engaging curriculum, and exceptional facilities, provide the ideal environment for your kid's early education.

We welcome you to come visit us and see our playgrounds first hand. Please call us at 972-869-9145 to arrange a tour.

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