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How to Choose a Private Preschool in Irving, TX

A private preschool sets the stage for your child’s future learning experiences and can potentially shape their outlook on education.

But with so many options, especially here in Irving, TX, how do you select the right one?

We at Miss Bloomingdale's Academy are here to lend a hand. With our over 50 years of experience in early childhood education and our deep commitment to nurturing young minds, we'll guide you through the process, turning what could be an overwhelming task into an informed, confident decision.

Identifying Your Values

Educational Philosophy

Shapes the curriculum as well as its teaching methods.

You might find some private preschools following a Montessori approach, focusing on self-directed learning in mixed-age classrooms, while others might adhere to a Waldorf philosophy, which emphasizes both creative play and routine. Or perhaps you're more traditional? It’s important to think about what matters most to you.

Do you want your child to have plenty of opportunities for hands-on exploration? Or do you prefer a structured environment with clear rules and routines?

Understanding this can help you find a school that truly matches your expectations for your child's learning journey.

Learning Environment

This is something that can significantly impact both your child's comfort and learning. So, make sure to pay attention to cleanliness, safety measures, and overall aesthetics.

Is it inviting and kid-friendly? Are there plenty of materials and resources available to explore? Do they have plenty of outdoor space for children to get much-needed exercise?

Also, consider the emotional environment, too.

Is it warm and welcoming? Do the teachers interact positively with the students?

Observing these dynamics can give you valuable insights into its culture and values.

Values and Beliefs

Ranging from respect and empathy to independence and curiosity, these are often reflected in its policies, curriculum, and the behavior of both its staff and students.

Do they encourage diversity and inclusion? How do they handle conflicts or some behavioral issues? Do they promote open communication with parents like you?

The answers to these questions can tell you a lot and whether they truly align with your own.


This is the heart of any great preschool as it serves as a roadmap, outlining what your kids will learn and how they will learn it. Hence, it should be comprehensive, covering a range of key areas like language and literacy, math, science, social studies, and also the arts.

That's why our curriculum is much more than a mere checklist of skills. It's an engaging, research-based approach rooted in the extensive knowledge accumulated in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Also, our methodologies are top-rated according to independent research, including The John Hopkins Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education.

And, unlike Montessori programs, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing both creativity and imagination in our young learners. We genuinely believe that these elements are crucial for developing their critical thinking skills and fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Teacher Qualifications

They should not only be qualified but should also possess a genuine passion for working with young kids.

We are strong believers that quality early childhood education is synonymous with warm, loving educators who create an atmosphere of both joy and spontaneity. That's why all of our teachers meet the high standards set by Miss Bloomingdale herself, in addition to fulfilling state requirements.

They don't just instruct; they inspire. They don't just supervise; they support.

Class Size

Smaller class sizes equal a better teacher-to-student ratio which often means more individual attention, greater engagement, and even better opportunities for teachers to cater to each young one's unique needs.

We understand the importance of maintaining this balanced ratio so we can provide the personal attention that each child deserves. Not only that, we also ensure that every voice is heard, every question answered, and every accomplishment, big or small–always celebrated.

Exploring Las Colinas and Irving Preschool Options


You'll want to choose a school that's conveniently located–whether that means close to your home, near your workplace, or even along your commute route.

And, of course, the surrounding neighborhood. Is it safe and does it feel welcoming? Does it offer a lot of opportunities for outdoor learning and exploration?

Well, our academy is situated in a vibrant, safe community that reflects the warmth and inclusivity of our school culture. We also boast a 1.1-acre playground with plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration and movement.


Look for some reviews and testimonials from both current and former parents. Ask around in your community.

What are people saying about their experiences with the school?

Our reputation as a loving, nurturing, and educational-rich environment is something we work hard to maintain and improve upon every day.

Visiting a Private Preschool in Irving, TX

As you walk through the corridors, peek into classrooms and visit outdoor play areas.

How do the staff interact with the children? Are they attentive, warm, and responsive? Are the children engaged and happy?

Also, speaking with current families provides a unique perspective, as they are the ones who have experience and can provide you with an honest opinion about the strengths and even areas of improvement. Whether it's during drop-off and pickup times, at school events, or through arranged meetings, these interactions offer invaluable insights.

Plan Your Preschool Visit Today

Here in our academy, we've seen time and again how these steps solidify parents' decisions. And now that you're armed with the knowledge, we invite you to see what makes Miss Bloomingdale's Academy stand out from the rest.

Come and visit us to experience first-hand the warmth and dedication that define our approach to early childhood education. Please call us at 972-869-9145 to arrange a tour.

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